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What are the operating hours of the coworking space?
Are meeting rooms and event spaces available for booking?
What types of events can be hosted in your space?
What is the capacity of your event space?
What amenities and facilities are included in the rental?
Is catering provided or can clients bring their own caterer?
What are your booking and cancellation policies?
Is there parking available for guests?
Is there Wi-Fi available, and is it included in the rental?
Can the layout of the space be customized for different events?
Are there any additional fees not included in the base rental price?
Is there a kitchen, and can members use it for cooking?
Do you host networking events or workshops for members?
How can I connect with other members or businesses in the space?
Is there a member directory or community platform?
How do I book a conference room or event space?
What is the booking process, and are there additional fees?
Are there restrictions on how often I can book these spaces?
What is the cancellation policy for memberships?
Can I change my membership plan?
What notice period is required for changes or cancellations?
Are pets allowed in the coworking space?