TESTBED Session 01

15 Jun
15 Jun
Tickets at the door: 5€

with BORIS CHIMP 504, Naja Atra & Chloe.B, and DJ OTSOA

Inspired by scientific research rooms, TESTBED aims to bring an experimental platform to the artistic scene where the table or platform with equipment transforms into a creative laboratory.

Boris Chimp 504 is an audiovisual duo, where Miguel Neto (sound) and Rodrigo Carvalho (visuals & interactive systems) create immersive voyages, strongly influenced by science fiction, interspersing with the most current scientific discoveries and merging reality and fantasy into narratives of their own.

Chloe.B and Naja Atra form a new duo that merges glitch dynamics with noise and a touch of industrial aesthetics. Including site-specific elements in their work, they create an immersive experience in constant evolution that reflects their artistic vision and the environment vibes.

DJ Otsoa lets himself be carried away by energetic music and transposes this into an underground environment, where it is impossible to stand still and where the music is the focus. A great piece of the culture in Oporto, he has been exploring his aesthetics throughout the city's clubs and motivating everyone and everything to promote each person's work, both with his label and his attitude. 

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TESTBED Session 01TESTBED Session 01